How to Flirt With a Scorpio

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Sultry Scorpio

Step One



Scorpio is a sign of deep intimacy. With Scorpio, it is no longer two separate people being politically correct with each other to get along, but rather two people who come into a relationship with their worth and find ways to merge that value into something new. They are the true soul mates. And for this merger to happen there must be honesty and a fearless facing of one’s shadow self. That is why deep meaningful conversation and an ability to touch on taboo subjects to find the gold in the shadows is essential.

Step Two


Capture the Moment

Photography is symbolic of what a Scorpio is fond of; capturing moments in order to delve deeper into their significance. Taking photos and speaking in images will touch upon the deeper recesses of their psyches and pull them out of their enigmatic silences.

Step Three


Uncovering the Truth

They love uncovering the truth. So, beware their sweet interrogations. They love solving mysteries, so all of your secrets will be revealed. Their secrets though will remain hidden. Though Scorpio seems intensely strong and stubborn, it is only a façade that veils their vast sensitivity. A way to make them open up would be to open-heartedly reveal one of your most cherished secrets.

Step Four


The Watery Depths

Scorpio is a water sign. Being submerged is symbolic of their ability to swim in the depth of one’s soul. If you share a bath or Jacuzzi together, they will initiate you into their watery language and more.

Step Five


The Erogenous Zone

Finally, their sensitive spot is their pelvis and genitals. A direct approach is all that is needed, no playing games with Scorpio.

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