Swine flu spreads to Serbia

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The first case of swine flu was registered in Serbia two days ago. Twenty-nine years old patient was in infected during his travel to Argentina. He is now isolated and in stable condition. Epidemiologist, Predrag Kon, claims that there is no reason to panic. The presence of H1N1 virus was confirmed from patient’s sample which was sent to the Torlak institute.

Unfortunately, yesterday was registered another case, and three more swine flu cases were registered today. This makes a total of 5 cases of H1N1 in Serbia. All three new patients are Belgrade residents. All persons were hospitalized today in the Clinic for infective deseases in Belgrade.

WHO (World Health Organization): The flu is “stable”


The flu virus type H1N1 is stable and for now does not show the tendency to mix with the swine flu virus or some similar, said the general principal of the World Health Organization Margaret Chan.

Serbian Minister of health Tomica Milosavljevic said that “it’s no surprise that there are new cases appearing in Serbia, because it was already expected”.

Tamiflu is for now the most effective known antiviral medicine for H1N1, but in Serbia there are supplies for about 1% of the population (total popluation is about 9.000.000 people), and their expiration date is until July 2009, but the ministry of health has “expanded it’s date” to 2011, because they claim that every available medicine should be used.

“It is expected that in summer comes the second wave of swine flu, and probably the flu will not be mild as it is today”, said the epidemiologist Predrag Kon.



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