How to save money when traveling to Vegas

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If you are planning on traveling to Vegas and you want to save money then you can stay at the hotels in downtown Las Vegas. They are less expensive and you can still explore the strip. It would take around 20 minutes to get from downtown to the Strip. You can drive, take a cab or take the bus. It’s not far. If you want to save money on hotels then you can count on the hotels in downtown Las Vegas. If you’re traveling for business regularly then downtown Las Vegas is a better choice. It’s better than paying $200 a night on the strip. If you are going to stay here for a week or more then you can save so much money in downtown. If you’re here for an event or a wedding then you will love the saving in downtown Las Vegas. If you’re going with ten people or more then you should stay in downtown Las Vegas.

You will save so much money staying in downtown Las Vegas. You can still explore all of Vegas. The city is very small. You can drive around and do everything even if you stay in downtown. It’s very expensive at the strip. You won’t get a discount unless you’re a regular player. You might get a free room if you are a regular player. If you want to save money then downtown Las Vegas is the right place for you. The room in downtown Las Vegas starts from $29.99-$140 which is very affordable. You can’t get this rate on the strips. It’s hard to get hotels room for this low on the strips during busy season. You might be able to get it during non-holiday season. If you’re visiting Vegas for the holiday then you can stay in downtown las Vegas for more savings. You can always take a cab to the strip. A cab ride can cost you any where from $20-$50 including tips. You can do a lot of things in downtown Las Vegas.

They have everything that the strips have. They have all sorts of table games and fine dining. They have great buffet in downtown too. It might be a bit old looking since its downtown. It’s older looking than the strip of Las Vegas. There are trashes and there are people that looks bad walking around. They can be the locals who are more downscale. You might not want to walk around by yourself at night in downtown. You can walk down there during the day time. There can be safety issue in the night time. You can read the reviews about your hotel of choice online. One of the best casinos downtown is the Golden Nugget. They are a very nice looking casino from the inside out. They have great service and great reviews. The decoration is lavish and the people are nice there. The room is anywhere from $80-$140 per night. The floor is made out of marble and the hotel room is lavishly decorated.


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