How to Make a Two-Minute Smoothie!

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2 years ago my friend gave us a Magic Bullet for Christmas. This is probably one of the best small kitchen appliance I have ever seen. I have been using it ever since, and I have made many kinds of smoothies out of it. My favorite is strawberry banana. Here’s how easy it is.

Load the ingredients:

  • Strawberries (washed)
  • Bananas (sliced)
  • Yogurt
  • Small ice cubes
  • Milk

Turn on the smoothie blender (any blender is ok, even a hand blender will do) and blend for about 10 seconds.

That’s it! With the magic bullet you can even drink straight from the cup.

My husband and children love this. I mix and match different fruits, like mango/peach, strawberry/kiwi, strawberry/blueberry, etc. Basically I mix whatever fruits I have available in the house. Sometimes I buy frozen cut up fruits from Costco. They have big packs in there that will last you for a long time. I keep those in the freezer so I can make smoothies at any time.

You can also add sugar if you like, but I try to stay away from it. The yogurt already has sweetness in it. This is the biggest advantage of making your own smoothies. You can control the sweetness because normally, when we buy smoothies from outside they add a lot of sugar.

You can also substitute juice for milk. If you want a thicker smoothie, put more fruits and less liquid. And vice versa if you want to make a less concentrate one. If you prefer the texture to be crunchier, blend it only for a few seconds so the ice is not totally crushed.

Hope you enjoyed this!

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