Michael Jackson or Tupac?

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Michael Jackson’s death was very sudden and with little warning. It also falls into a perfect time line of lower record sales and nearing the end of his trial. Is it entirely possible that Michael Jackson decided to pull a Tupac? Some would like to believe so. While in no way at all am attempting to soil Michael Jackson’s name, more make light to a sad situation.

Near the end, Michael had some very incriminating things come up about him, accusations that would make his most loyal of fans cringe. Many wish to remember him for his legacy however, the music he left behind that many have fallen in love with over the years. Many choose to remember him for this and not the negativity that surrounded him near the end, or his curious behavior.

People often feel a great sense of loss whenever a celebrity dies, not because there was some immotional attatchment similar to that of a loved one or relative, but because of the impact they made and the memories that person gave them. Michael Jackson is an extreme case compared to others, I honestly can think of few weeks if any where he wasn’t mentioned in some way.

Some people may choose to remember him for his music, rather than the deeds he was accused of near the end. I choose to think of him as possibly still alive, and laughing to himself.

Either way, if Michael Jackson did pull a Tupac, kudos to him.


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