How to Write a How-To Article and Earn Money

How to guides and articles are very popular and are widely read on the internet. People all over the world continually search the internet for answers. You know many things that other people would also like to know. Why not put your knowledge in writing and earn some extra money from it?

What topic to write about? The possibilites are endless. Write Articles on Topics That Will Attract Readers. Think of something that is useful and something people want to know and learn. Start with something that you know the most about.

How to earn by writing how to articles? Online publishers like Triond and Bukisa pay you whenever people view your articles. For more information please refer to this article How To Make Money with Triond and Bukisa. Writing online articles gives you the opportunity to earn passive or residual income.

A how-to article does not have to be very long. You can write an article in about half an hour on a topic that you know and are familiar about. As you write more articles, then you will be able to observe which ones people view the most.

When you get the hang of it, then you will be able to write more articles. Volume is very important. Write as many content as you can. Read what other people are writing and for sure you will be inspired to come up with more ideas.

If possible, include pictures. It has always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A great place to get free pictures for your how to articles is Browse through the popular downloads and you will find many, many beautiful pictures in there. There are many great photographers who generously share their pictures. Be sure to read the licence agreement.

Here are some examples of practical how-to articles:

How To Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

How To Make Chocolate-Coated Spoons

How to Make a Two-Minute Smoothie

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Husbands: How to Make Your Wife Love You MUCH More


Aside from how to articles, you can also make lists. These are very popular as well.

Let’s say you know many ways to effectively remove a stain. You can write an article on it.

The sky’s the limit regarding what topic to talk about. I have published many lists and they have been doing well.

Here are some examples:

Top 10 Tips on How to Have a Happy and Successful Marriage

16 Home Staging Ideas That Will Help You Sell Your House For More Money

18 Ways To Relax

15 Clutter Busting Ideas

38 Ways to Win a Woman s Heart

135 Unique Personalized Gifts You Can Make Under $10

Four Easy and Fun Home Based Business Ideas For Moms

8 Ways to Make Money Using Your Digital Camera

19 Ways For Teenagers to Earn Money

Where to publish your how to articles?

Here are some of the best online publishers:



Associated Content

Suite 101





Writers like you and me have more opportunities than ever before.

I write articles for Triond and Bukisa and have found the experience very enjoyable and fulfilling. Everyday I see my viewership increasing. I am very happy receiving messages that my articles have helped many people around the world. If you like writing, I encourage you to publish articles online. It is free and is available for you to start enjoying it today!

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