18 Ways to Relax

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  1. Watch a funny movie. Laughter can relieve your stress and tension. Laugh out loud.
  2. Give hugs. Hug your spouse. Hug your children. Tell them you love them.
  3. Listen to your favorite music. Sit back and enjoy the music. Close your eyes and picture beautiful things in your mind.
  4. Take a deep breathe. Pause for a moment and take conscious breaths. Fill your being with peaceful thoughts.
  5. Think positive. Appreciate all the good things that have happened. Whenever you start to think of something negative, quickly over-ride this with a positive thought. Focus on what you have accomplished.
  6. Watch the scenery. Look at the beautiful things around you.
  7. Read a nice book. Curl up in a comfy place,away from all the noise and enjoy your favorite book.
  8. Do some light exercises, like stretching or low-impact aerobics.
  9. Clear yourself of clutter. Then you’ll be able to clear your mind.
  10. Take a nice warm bath. Use a relaxing fragranced body wash like lavender.
  11. Take a long, nice walk. Invite your spouse or loved one and enjoy the walk together.
  12. Take a power nap.
  13. Talk to a friend.
  14. Ride your bike.
  15. Enjoy a bowl of fruits.
  16. Do your favorite sport, like swimming or badminton.
  17. Ask your spouse or children to give you a massage. This is very relaxing!
  18. Say a prayer. For me this is the best way to relax. With prayer I can find inner peace and contentment. You can do this wherever you are: at home, at work, in school, on the road, or anywhere. Say a prayer and you will be at peace.

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