How to Eat Cheap and Stay Healthy

How To Eat Cheap and Stay Healthy

  1. Whenever possible, make your own food instead of buying packaged ones. For example, I used to buy frozen pancakes and waffles all the time. I thought I was saving a lot of money by buying them on sale and freezing them. But after I learned how to make my own pancakes, I never bought the frozen ones anymore. It is very cheap to make your own pancakes. You will save more than 50% even if you compare it to the sale price. And secondly, when you make your own you can reduce the sugar so it’s not too sweet. I made it so many times and here is the recipe: Perfect Pancakes Recipe. Try it and I’m sure you’ll like it!
  2. Buy in bulk. It is almost always cheaper and will save you time from going back and forth the store. The best things to buy in bulk are rice, pasta, herbs, spices, etc. When the bread you like is on sale, buy in multiples and freeze them.
  3. Buy fruits and vegetables in season. Not only are they cheaper, but they are fresher too.
  4. Eat eggs. Eggs are so versatile you can make a lot of healthy and delicious dishes with it, like omelet, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, frittatas, etc. Eggs are high in protein and are very economical.
  5. Make use of your leftovers to come up with a new dish. For example I use leftover roast chicken to make pasta dishes, sandwiches, or stir-fry dishes.
  6. Avoid dining out as much as possible. It is really much better to cook your own food and eat at home. Stock your pantry, fridge and freezer with the basics so that you can whip up meals at anytime.
  7. Try to quit soda and drink water instead. If you prefer to drink juice, buy the frozen ones because they are more economical. Read the labels and choose the ones with the least amount of sugar.
  8. Whenever possible, buy fresh vegetables. However, if they’re not eaten in time they will go bad and people end up having to throw them away. If you are experiencing this kind of problem, then you may want to buy frozen vegetables. Sometimes frozen vegetables are even cheaper than the fresh ones. The frozen vegetables can keep in the freezer for a long time. And one the advantages too is that you don’t need to chop them! This will save you your precious time.
  9. Bring lunch to work. You will be amazed at the amount of money you save by doing this. Plus you get to eat healthier food since you prepared it yourself.
  10. Go for generic brands whenever possible. Check the labels for the ingredients. Most of the time, you can buy generic brands with identical ingredients for a fraction of the price as the branded ones.

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