Five Great Restaurants in Lower Manhattan

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Borgo Antico

This restaurant on the inside has a rustic, European feel to it. And maybe that’s appropriate since this is an Italian restaurant. I ate fettuccine with veal and a salad covered with an Italian cheese and a lemon vinaigrette. And the prices really weren’t that bad, especially considering the quality of the food. Visit Borgo Antico on East 13th Street, about a block south of Union Square.

Bull Run

You can find the Bull Run Restaurant and Conference Center down on William Street between Pine and Wine Streets. This is supposedly a favorite place to eat for all the Wall Street big shots, and it’s easy to see why with the fancy, huge bar that greets you at the entrance and the even fancier restaurant area. Despite the high-class quality of this place, I didn’t think the prices were all that outrageous, but I just had a shrimp salad and coconut cake to eat (both of which were fantastic), and a glass of red wine to drink (also fantastic, and I’m not much of a wine drinker).


If you are into real Mexican cuisine, you’ve got to stop by Centrico for a meal. I kept it simple and just had tacos, but boy were they some good tacos! Washed them down with a cocktail made of beer, lime and chile on ice. Really, some fine, fine Mexican food. I think we spent not quite $20 per person, which I think is more than reasonable for a pretty fine restaurant. Centrico is on West Broadway. If you’re not overly adventurous, you can still order the tacos and have a great feast.


If you’re into steak, this is the place for you. I had a prime rib steak that would melt in your mouth; yeah, it cost $50, but it tasted like it! I also had some oysters that were great, and an English root beer that might be the best root beer I’ve ever tasted. The inside of Craftsteak struck me as a little weird, sort of a mix of modern and Medieval, but it worked. You can find Craftsteak on Tenth Avenue near West 15th Street.

Nobu New York City

Probably the finest Japanese restaurant I’ve ever eaten at, especially for the food. The atmosphere is nice, too, making Nobu a place where you don’t have to dress up, but you don’t want to go in looking like a slob either. I had rock shrimp with some kind of sauce that was to die for. For a drink, I ordered a pineapple martini, which apparently has real pineapple and pear juices and vodka. Nobu can be found on Hudson Street at the corner with Franklin Street just south of the Holland Tunnel.

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