10 Ways to Make Money in a Garage Sale

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  1. Look around your house and include anything that you are not using anymore: clothes, kitchen utensils, dishes, appliances, toys, electronic items, shoes, linens, décor, etc. Check all the rooms, open all the drawers, all the cabinets, and scour all the storage places you have. If you haven’t used an item for a long time, let it go. Bring a big bag or container with you as you go cleaning from room to room. You will feel so relieved afterwards when your house looks so clean.
  2. Put signs up in the bulletin boards to advertise your garage sale, and make the ads colorful and inviting. Indicate the items you’re selling. Place your garage sale ads on free online sites like Craigslist as well.
  3. Start your garage sale early so you will catch the early-birds.
  4. Consider inviting your friend/friends to do your garage or yard sale together, so you can place an ad saying “multi-family” garage sale. Buyers normally target the multi-family garage sales first because it saves them a lot of time.
  5. Keep your garage sale organized. People will be attracted to your garage sale if it’s clean and organized. Make separate categories for shoes, clothes, toys, books, CDs, etc. so that people will see the area they want to go to at quickly. Most of the time people are in a hurry and they will give a quick glance to a garage sale, to have an overview of the items being sold. For example, maybe you have some nice electronic items for sale, but if you put them with or very near the clothes, then the potential buyers are not able to see it at first glance. Make use of boxes, plastic organizers, baskets, or anything that will make every category distinct from the rest.
  6. Bundle like things together. If you have many small pieces of toys, for example, you can make groups or bundles and put them in ziplock bags. Price them reasonably. Many kids like these kinds of bundles from garage sales because there are many assorted little toys that they can play with, and parents usually buy these for their kids because of the cheap price.
  7. For higher priced items, indicate the original price so the buyers will know how much they are saving. This is very much recommended especially for brand new items. You can put a big sticky note and write the original price and how much less you’re selling it for. There’s a bigger chance of selling the item if people know how much money they are saving.
  8. If the weather is warm, add in some extras to help bring in more money. For example, put a cooler filled with cans of pop, and fill them with ice. This will be attractive to your buyers in those hot, summer days.
  9. Hang the clothes. Buyers tend to look at the clothes in hangers, because they are easier to go through quickly. Separate winter from summer clothes.
  10. During the last hour or two of your garage sale, reduce the price. Put up a sign that says “price reduced” or “50% off” or “will accept any offer”. It is better to sell the things for less than your initial price, rather than being stuck with many unsold items in the end.

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