Husbands: How to Make Your Wife Love You MUCH More!

  1. Write little notes for your wife and leave on the bathroom counter for her to see first thing in the morning. Write things like “Good morning honey, take care and I love you”, or “Drive safely to work, see you later and I love you”. Even one or two sentences can really perk up her day
  2. If you have children, thank her as often as you can. Say “thank you for giving me children. They’re very very special because they’re part of you and me”.
  3. Enjoy your differences and love your wife for what she is.
  4. Even if you would rather watch an action movie, spend some time watching and enjoying romantic comedies with her.
  5. Help with the house chores like laundry and dishes. And do it sincerely. She will love you more, guaranteed!
  6. Give her a random kiss when she least expects it.
  7. Acknowledge her positive traits….not only at home, but also in public when you’re out with friends or family. By telling others her good traits, you are showing your appreciation for her. The more you appreciate her, the more she will appreciate you back!
  8. Remember, flowers always melt a woman’s heart. Send flowers to her workplace with an “I love you” note, and she will be very proud to show her co-workers. That will really brighten up her day!
  9. At night when you’re in bed, tuck her in warmly and kiss her goodnight.
  10. In the morning when you leave for work and if she’s still asleep, kiss her before you leave.
  11. At the end of the day when you see each other, give her a kiss and warm hug. Most women rush home from work and start preparing dinner. If you come home before her, surprise her by starting the preparation like chopping some ingredients ahead of time. Or maybe clear all the dishes in the sink or help set up the table.
  12. If possible give her a call during the day, ask how she’s doing and always say the magic words “I love you”. This helps you stay connected.
  13. Talk to her about the time you first met and what attracted you to her. Recall the times you were dating early on. This will usually end in happy conversations with lots of laughter and great memories.
  14. From time to time, look at your pictures together and tell her how happy you are with her. Sometimes husbands do not say this anymore because they assume the wife knows it. But in reality, wives like to hear from their husbands the emotions they feel.
  15. Even if only for once a year, set aside a time to write her a letter and just say how you appreciate having her as your wife, and how much she means to you.
  16. Put a picture of her in your wallet.
  17. Surprise her with a meal you’ve put together which you’ve learned from a tv show or a cookbook
  18. To get away from the hecticness of daily life, sometimes invite her to join you for a short walk in the park or even just around the block. Hold hands together. This will ease the stress and promote closeness to the two of you.
  19. Pick a new recipe that you can explore and cook together. This will increase your bonding.
  20. When you hear a love song that matches your feelings for her, note the title and start a list. When you have collected several of them, create a CD for her so she can listen to the songs while she’s driving, or when she’s at home relaxing.
  21. Also try to find nice upbeat songs that she can listen to while cooking.
  22. Give her a free day that she can spend all for herself without worries about the house chores.
  23. Watch the sunset with her.
  24. Surprise her with a hotel night stay you’ve reserved in advance.
  25. On your special wedding anniversary, renew your vows…

TOP 10 TIPS on How to Have a Happy and Successful Marriage

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