16 Home Staging Ideas To Sell Your House for More Money


The more effort you put on making your home look nice, the more money it will sell for. Always “look through a buyer’s eyes”. Pretend that you’re the buyer and investigate every nook and corner of your house.


Here are some tips and ideas to stage your home.

  1. Clear all the clutter. Make it as clean and organized as possible. The less things in the house the better.
  2. Put some accent décor and beautiful settings on the kitchen table.
  3. Move all personal belongings out of sight. If necessary rent a temporary storage, or ask a friend or relative if you can borrow a part of their garage space to store your personal belongings temporarily.
  4. Use matching bed linens and make bedrooms look sweet and cozy.
  5. Clean the floors thoroughly. If there is carpet make sure all the stains are removed.
  6. If necessary, apply fresh paint. Paint is inexpensive, and clean fresh paint makes the house look very clean. Try to paint with neutral colors so it will appeal to a broader audience.
  7. Turn on all the lights to make the house look big, bright and elegant.
  8. The kitchen and bathroom are the two most used places in the house, and buyers are very attentive on these 2 places in particular. Sinks, stoves, toilets, bathtubs must be scrupulously clean. Any signs of mold turn off potential buyers. Everything must be clean and shiny.
  9. Clear all the countertop. Put some fresh flower arrangements.
  10. Remove all personal photos. The purpose is to let the buyer feel that it’s their potential future home. It is easier for them to imagine it’s their home if there are no personal things attached to the house.
  11. Plug in a fragrance oil or diffuser so the whole house will smell really nice, homey and inviting
  12. Put interesting colored accessories like throw pillows, rugs, candles, etc.
  13. Keep the fridge clean and remove all the magnets.
  14. Hang some beautiful and abstract picture frames.
  15. Leave soft and inspiring music on the background.
  16. Everything must sparkle! Get the whole family to help clean the house inside out. The more people doing it the faster the job will get done. Then reap the rewards for all your hard work. The better staged your house is, the more it will attract buyers and the faster it will sell.

Good luck to you and I hope you find these home staging ideas helpful.

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