Noise and Smoke-Free Electric Tricycles Gaining Popularity

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A fast-growing city that serves as home to multinational companies and major business establishments in metro manila is close to becoming the first pollution and noise-free city in the Philippines.

Taguig City is home to Fort Bonifacio or ‘The Fort’ a major commercial and business center in the metropolis. The city’s business district is host to thousands of employees that commutes everyday from neighboring towns and cities. On weekdays traffic is heavy with cars coming from many parts of metro manila

To help the employees of these establishments with their transport requirements, Taguig city mayor, Freddie Tinga experimented on electric tricycles not just to transport people going to and coming from the city but more importantly to reduce noise and smoke emission which the conventional vehicles bring.

Channelnewsasia reports:

>Noisy and smoke-belching tricycles used to rule the streets of the bustling business district south of Manila but these days, busy office workers in Taguig City are now able to smell a different atmosphere.

Carol Sapida, an office worker in Manila, said: “I don’t drive my car anymore. So this saves on gasoline. And I also get to breathe fresh air. The tricycles before emit dark smoke that worsens my allergy and my sinusitis. So this is better.” >

Even tricycle drivers prefer these green machines over their old vehicles.

Freddie Tinga, Mayor of Taguig City, said: “You don’t want to be in a situation where your back is against the world and pollution is so bad that you really can’t do anything anymore. So this is important for us to do now.”

The tricycle is powered by five 12-volt batteries that can run at a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour and can travel up to 145 kilometers.


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