Earthquake Survival Kits Can Save Your Life

In the worst case scenario, well-stocked earthquake survival kits may mean the difference in your family’s ability to survive after a crisis. If you live in or near an area prone to earthquakes, emergency preparedness for this contingency is essential.

Consider that even if the initial earthquake does not adversely affect your home or land, the aftermath of displaced people, extended power outages, lack of city water and fires or floods resulting from the quake may represent a significant a threat to your family. Being prepared for any of these possibilities is made more simple with quality earthquake survival kits, which you can purchase or put together yourself. Be sure your family members know where they are stored, what’s included, and how to use them. You never know when those resources and knowledge will prove life saving.

When purchasing your survival gear and preparedness items, look for quality, variety and practicality. The first-aid kit should be extensive and able to cover all minor first aid neccesities as well as some more moderate emergencies, such as radiation (potassium iodide tablets), insulin shock or a broken bone.

There should be enough food in the kit to take care of your family’s needs for several days, and you can supplement and purchase extra freeze dried food items to extend your food storage in case of a prolonged need.

Plan to purchase enough kits to cover your whole family in case of an emergency. Store an extra personal kit in your office in case an earthquake happens during the day and you are away from the home. Be sure elderly relatives or family members living alone also are prepared for the emerency situations that so often follow a serious earthquake.

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