Why use off site remote data backups?

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In the early 90’s when typewriters were in use, the only means for data backup was to type an extra copy. Until the mid 90’s when Xerox introduced the first copy machine, even then copies of information was stored and kept on site. Here, in the 21st century, we use devices such as flash drives, external hard drives to store important and priceless information. However, many people store there flash drives and external hard drives in the same area as there computer. So if there were a robbery, fire, or natural disaster, the information will be wiped out along with your computer.

                Data loss is common, costly, and time consuming. Most of the time data loss occurs when you least expect it, and if not properly prepared, valuable information can and will be lost. According to remote data backups, 1 in 4 PC’s suffer data loss each year, 7 in 10 firms with data loss go under, 1 in 10 laptops are stolen and only 5% are recovered, 100% of disk and tape drives fail eventually. Remote data backup prevents data loss from all these unfortunate events.

                Many use external hard drives, CD-RW/DVD, flash drives etc. The problem with these devices is that they are usually stored or kept on location. A natural disaster such as flood, fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes can easily damage or destroy those devices. Computer viruses and worms are increasingly becoming more harmful and damaging then ever. Hard drive crash and PC failure are more common then people think. Daily we use our computers and rarely think about data backup until it is too late.

                Today, remote data is highly effective because your data is kept off site and protected. In case an unfortunate event was to occur, you’re important and priceless data can be easily restored and downloaded. Remote data back up provides automatic file backup, easy file restore, fast efficient backups, easy system restore, remote file access, back up email alerts and much more. Remote backups is a powerful and easy to use management toll created to help you save time and money as well as help you work more efficiently and effectively.

                Today we have discovered why one should use off site remote data backups rather than the traditional use of other data backup system. It will help keep your business operating smoothly and insure your data from unfortunate events that happen on a daily basis. Many of you have read this article because you or someone you know has had a problem with data loss. In most cases, data can not be retrieved and can cause financial hardship. For more info visit http://macro08.databu.com/


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