My Emotions

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Sitting all alone with nothing to do but think
wondering what life has to offer me in a blink.
one minute up and the next down
How on earth can life be so profound.
One side of the planet things are taken with such ease,
while the other side values and cultures must please.
Inside out and upside down
trying to make a life with my knight with his crown.
Not an easy job for either of us unless we are alone
the outside pressures of others takes us to places not abound.
I refuse to go away and leave you in the place all alone on the ground.
love, hate, sadness, or just being alone
all our emotions will at one time be shown.
I refuse to give up and just walk away
my love for you is stronger in each and every way.

I realize how hard this all must be for you
but also believe to me it is true.
together we move forward staying close by your side
all I want you to know is Iam in it for the entire ride.
Ill love you forever never letting go
you are the reason I wake in a glow.
you are my world ,not just a piece but the whole thing
please keep the faith in us when your mind goes ching ching.
the love from our families and friends from outside
will just have to learn we are staying together with pride.
it doesnt mean we dont love them or that respect has gone away
for if they look deeply our love will always stay.
one day I do know we will have the hill climbed
and together we will walk over the hill to the other side.
life is full of hills and mountains but in my heart I know
our love for each other it is strong enough to never let go.
so listen to these words and let them ring in your ears
and please baby please dont have all these fears.
the worries and pressures will soon melt away
into the sunset behind us they will all stay.
kitten loves master more with each passing day
and she is sorry for the emotions she throws your way.
never think you are bad or making me down
only and forever you are cherished and I feel Ive been found.

I want to know your feelings when problems come your way
please baby please dont keep them locked inside for days.
I want you to know this is a partnership and when you are sad or down
I will be there to help you pull it all around.
I know with my emotions I bring you wonder and worries
that dont need to be felt
because you my master Ill love you forever no matter what is dealt!


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