How to Install a Range Hood

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This how to project is for installing a vented range hood. A vented hood will exhaust cooking odors, grease and heat to the outside. This installation will require that you cut a hole through your wall to the outside. If you prefer not to cut any holes through your wall, you can purchase a range hood without the outside vent. It will just draw the heat and cooking grease into a filter.

Material and Tools:


Assorted Drill Bits

1-Extended Drill Bit

Reciprocating Saw


Drywall Hand Saw

Wire cutters and striper

Electrician Pliers

Range Hood

Silicon Caulking

Wire Nuts

Electrical Tape



Unpack the range hood and remove the filter and light assembly from the unit. Make sure the electricity is turned off at the circuit breaker panel.


Align and center the range hood directly over the range and secure it temporarily with screws. With a pencil mark the vents cut out on the wall and also mark the hole for the electrical cable.


Unscrew the range hood from the wall and with an extended drill bit drill a hole in each corner of the outline you made on the drywall going through the outside wall. Make sure there are no obstructions on the outside wall and inside the wall before drilling the holes. Also drill a hole where you marked for the electrical cable. With a drywall hand saw make the cutout on the drywall.


On the outside wall, using the reciprocating saw, make the cutout for the vent.


Referring to the manufactures’ instructions install the outside vent hood to the range duct. Use silicone caulking around the inside of the vent flange before screwing it to the outside wall. Apply another bead of caulking around the outside of the flange.


Referring to the manufactures’ instructions, feed the electrical wires through the opening in the range hood. With an assistant holding the range hood in place, fasten the range hood to the cabinet using the supplied screws.


Connect the electrical wires to the range hood securing them with wire nuts. Mount the light and filter assembly back into the hood. Turn the electricity back on and test the range hood to ensure its working properly.


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