bandoo: emoticons and gifts is part of a new kind of sites which not only contains thousands of emoticons and images, but it offers to its users a whole pack which can be freely downloaded and used in your chats.

The Welcome Page

This page, which can be considered the Home of Bandoo, shows some features which the service has. There you can see which kind of characteristics it as, as well as a tab for downloading it.

Downloading Bandoo

Once you press the respective button, there starts a download. The package, fortunately, is not so heavy so you will not spend a significant portion of the hard disk or USB unit.

Installing the Packet

The installation process is even faster as the latest step.

Whit the packet installed in your computer, you just need to enter to your messenger and there will be appear a new bar (just bellow the space in which you write) which has a selection of emoticons. The advantage of these new happy faces (although not all of them are happy…) is that each if them has a well developed and funny animation.

Also, these animations allow you to show more emotions than when you use the default emoticons of the messenger software.


Well, after using this packet for a while I can say that I prefer to download a pack like this one than to search for emoticons in different websites. Bandoo is useful due to that and you can use the time you have saves to enjoy its contents with your friends.

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