New Beginnings

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August is over, vacation is behind me and now its time to settle in for the long winter season. The fall will be short and soon the glistening of new fallen snow will cover the landscape for the next few months. The beauty of the new snow covering everything makes things look so beautiful, although I don’t like the winter because they last so long.

The summers in New Hampshire are always so short. I love the sun and the warmth it brings with it once May has arrived. The new leaves so light green popping out from the trees is my favorite time of the year.

This summer has been a unique one in so many ways. Friends have come and gone, and new loves have blossomed into long term relationships, new jobs have been gotten, and now its time to settle in for our long winters nap. I find myself beginning to relax and just enjoy what lays ahead for me and my new love. We both seem to be enjoying our time together and making new memories with each passing day. The new job will be started soon, and then we will both be adjusting to that. It is exciting to be in this place in time with this man I love so deeply.

All my life I have waited for him….All my life I dreamed of him and wishing that one day soon we would cross each others path. Well the time has arrived and the knight I was searching for all this time has become a King, and I his Queen. My expectations of our relationship has way surpassed what I had dreamed of all these years.

He treats me with love and kindness as I do him. Finally having my fairytale come true is like Iam in a dream. Going to bed at night with him in my arms and waking in the morning with him laying beside me has brought us both closer together. I no longer have the yearning that I once had with being so lonely…he has taken that feeling away. I am now happy, secure, safe, and content. Our lives together has just begun and I know in my heart will last a lifetime. I thank God above for hearing my prayers and answering them so graceiously.

My first 44 years on this earth were filled will emptiness, loneliness, and incompleteness…but now all those things have been filled with the love from my King. My next years I know will be the best I will ever live. Thank you so much for finding me in the sea of people from all over the world. I love you with all my heart and I know you love me the same way. Although we both know sometimes things wont be perfect, and we will disagree about things, we both know that the love we share will grow with each memory captured in our souls and we will conquor all the hills and mountains life will throw us. In the end we both know that our love for each other is sincere and with neturing and loving we will conquor anthing…..


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