How to Save Money on Gasoline

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Below are some basic tips on how to save money in gasoline by cutting down on the use of your vehicle. Just by making fewer trips to and from stores will put more gas in your tank.

Combine your daily errands into one weekly trip. Avoid having to make quick trips to the store for bread or milk, buy enough to get you through the week. You can freeze both bread and milk so they won’t spoil.

If you use a lot of milk and run out of it quickly, consider having some powder milk on hand to hold you over until the next time you go food shopping.

Find the best gasoline prices in your area by going to

Always get your gas in the morning before the day gets hot. As the day gets hot the gas expands in the gas tanks and you end up paying for gas vapors as well as gasoline.

Take the highway whenever possible to avoid stop-and-go traffic on local streets and roads.

Make sure that you place your gas cap on securely after filling your tank. Unsecure gas gap will cost you additional money from the gasoline evaporating.

Car pooling to and from work everyday will save you money in gasoline as well as tolls.

Ask your boss if you can work from home a few days a week. This will of course depend on your type of job and whether you’re the work you do can be done from home.

Take turns with your neighbor in driving the kids to and from school everyday or arrange to have the school bus pick them up and drop them off.

Keep up with regular car maintenance . Get your oil change every 3,000 miles. Get regular scheduled tune-ups and keep your tires properly inflated.

If you have two or more cars, try down sizing if you really don’t need that 2 nd or 3 rd car. This will save your money in insurance, car repairs and maintenance and gasoline.

Consider purchasing a Hybrid car – Hybrids cars can save money in the long run and since gasoline prices only go up, now may be a good time to consider one. Shop around to make sure you get the best deals and one with the best mpg (miles/gallon). Also consider shopping over the internet. This can save you money in dealers cost


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