Modern Gaming’s Ugliest Consoles

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When you look at it, we’ve had it pretty easy on the eyes in terms f console design this generation. From the sleek look of the 360 and PS3, to the minimalist approach of Nintendo’s Wii and DSi, there’s really not much to complain about. We’ve went a good 5+ years without having to be ashamed of the consoles we owned, actively hiding them away whenever company came over. I honestly think at this point, we’re a bit spoiled. Case in point; when the PSP Go was announced, it was met with a chorus line of people screaming about just how hideous this new portable looked. Evidently forgetting that just a few short years ago they were probably holding a original Nintendo DS in their hands without much of a complaint. And that weight loss camp for adults was the very epitome of a plastic chunk of garbage.

So with that in mind, I think we take a bit of time out of our day to take a step back, and look at some of modern gamings most hideous systems. If at least to make us appreciate what we have today, and not be so quick to denounce everything as a mutated beast that Mother Nature banished to the depths of hades just because it doesn’t have a capacitive glass touchscreen. And hey, even if you didn’t participate in the eras some of these consoles were around, then just imagine one of these beasts in your living room or hands for an extended amount of time, and you should get the idea of how bad things can get when console design goes horribly wrong.

While I’m sure most hardcore gamers will faint at even the mention of any negative aspect regarding the Neo Geo Pocket, few can deny that the console looked like plastic loaf of bread with buttons sticking out. The system itself will forever be remembered with fondness among the seven gamers that actually bought one, and rightly so. It had some amazing games that eclipsed any portable hardware at the time. It’s just that SNK has never been known for sleek pieces of machinery, and the Neo Geo Pocket is no exception. While it was functional (and had the best 8-way stick on any portable system ever), it was still hard to get past it’s overall look. Especially when SNK seemed to love dressing it up in the worst color schemes imaginable (Blue camo, anyone?). A sad and rare case of function eclipsing form by miles.


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