To Breast Feed or not to Breast Feed

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To Breastfeed or not to Breasfeed

Women experience different physical changes during pregnancy that may affect their usual activities as they are deemed harmful to the fetus that they are carrying inside.  Concerned people will give unsolicited advises regarding what pregnant women should be doing during the different stages of pregnancy, but eventually, the future mother, makes the final decision.  Which brings us to a common concern of women who are not only pregnant, but nursing mothers, as well: To breastfeed or not to breastfeed.

Why Stop

Anyone who has experienced nursing a child, especially for a long period of time, can say that it can be physically taxing.   So if you believe that it causes the fatigue that you are feeling, it is time to consider giving your baby’s nourishment in a different method.  Often times, you would feel your child sucking at your breast and you feel pain, this maybe because your child is learning to bite.  It is part of the natural course of development.   Besides, the baby’s gums might be starting to break that it becomes itchy so the baby needs to sink its gums in the mother’s nipples.  Another would be the drying up of the milk.  There is no need to worry when this happens, your body is just sending signals, that it should take a break.  Mastitis, an infection in the breast commonly caused by the spread of Candida, which is a virus that causes thrush, a yeast infection that hits the young kids and adults alike.

How to Wean

Weaning has to be done for the right reasons and it should be done in a slow and well-planned manner.  It should be done at the right time and the proper way, or your child will suffer a trauma from the sudden stoppage.  You can try limiting the feeding time and scheduling between longer hours and in between it, you can try feeding soft food like mashed potatoes, pumpkin, bananas or carrots to condition the baby’s taste buds to solid food, until the baby get’s used to the taste and may start weaning themselves.  Cold-turkey may have bad effects to the child and undue hassle to you, a pregnant mother.  The child may have bouts of tantrums and feelings of deprivation, so prevent this by planning it deliberately.
Continuing to Breastfeed

An expert’s opinion, maybe your doctor’s should be asked if you ever plan to continue nursing despite your pregnancy.  Their opinion is valuable as they know whether it will have adverse effects to your health.  Don’t ignore their advise.  If you find someone who approves of your decision to continue breastfeeding, then it is well and good.  Half of the stress is already gone.  Well-meaning friends and relatives will advise you against it or for it, but you can always tell them that you plan to continue as it is what you deem best for your child.  If you can find a support system to talk about this issue, you can join it.  There are associations or pregnant mother’s leagues online or near you that are willing to share their thoughts about breastfeeding during pregnancy. As long as you don’t neglect your physical health during pregnancy, you can continue to breastfeed.


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