Evander Holyfield FIght Night Round 4 CAB

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When you think of modern heavyweights in the world of boxing then Evan Holyfield is one of the names that immediately comes to mind. When you look back you see wars against George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Riddick Bowe and Lennox Lewis. Perhaps the one that will go down in history was the fight against Mike Tyson were Evander Holyfield was handily beating the other legendary fighter when he had a chunk bitten out of his ear.

Today we are gonna discuss how to make an Evander Holyfield Fight Night Round 4 create a boxer (cab) on the game. So why is he not on the game’s roster to be with you might ask? Well there could be several reasons but one big one may be money for starters. But you can always make him on the game with the create a boxer (cab) option.

For starters you will want to set up all the basic information when making an Evander Holyfield Fight Night Round 4 create a boxer (cab). The height can be set as 6-3 and obviously he will be a heavyweight. For the nickname you can use either the warrior or the real deal. The age for the time being can be set at 46 years old.

For the skills the individual settings can vary depending on the person. I would recommend setting the Evander Holyfield Fight Night Round 4 create a boxer (cab) statistics for endurance and power. In the heavyweight division he had some power and speed but his toughness was the trademark. I would make my goal to get his overall rating around 80-85 on the game.


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