Being Snow Bound

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I woke up this morning to all the falling snow. I got up and got ready for work and went to my van and it was stuck. The roads were horrible so I decided maybe I should just stay home for the day. What a nice day to just crawl back into bed , pull the covers over my head and sleep the day away.

So I grabbed all my stuff and trudged back to the house, up the stairs and went back inside my apartment. I turned up my heat and stripped down naked. I then lit all my candles as I always do. I love the light they give off. So soft and romantic, then I went into my kitchen to make myself a nice cup of peppermint tea. I wanted to get warm and forget about what was going on outside.

I got my tea crawled into bed pulled my blankets up over me and decided to go online and see if anyone else was at home on this wintry day. My messenger list was silent and no little smiley faces were lit up, so I decided maybe I would go into a chat room and see who was on. When I went in I scanned the list of people on and there was no one interesting that I wanted to talk to, so I put my laptop down and fell asleep. A while later I was awoken by the sound of my messenger bell going off and someone was trying to get my attention. I sat up propped my pillows up and started to chat and find out who this guy was.

He told me he lived in Gardner mass. and was 34 years old, and single. I said nice. He sent me a picture of himself and he was very nice looking. He had dark hair and dark eyes which is my favorite! I hadn’t met anyone in a really long time and this guy seemed sweet, and he didn’t start off with want to fuck me? So I continued to talk to him and find out more.

It seems that he was also in my town , he had been visiting friends the night before and with the snow he couldn’t get home. So kidding I said to him why don’t you come over for a drink and we can keep each other company? He said that would be really nice and he would be right over.

I turned off my laptop and put it away so as there wouldn’t be anything on my bed except all my pillows and my stuffed giraffe. I got things all set and about that time there was a knock on my door. Still naked I went to unlock it and open it. When I opened the door he seemed a bit shocked that I was standing there naked. I told him to come in, and have a seat, and asked him if he would like a drink? He said yes that would be nice. So I went to my kitchen got out my blender and my tequila and came back sat on the floor and made us both a drink.

When I handed him his drink he ever so gently held my hand. I don’t have normal furniture, I have those chairs that open to beds so they sit very low to the ground. He pulled me down to him and gently kissed me. The kiss was incredible and seemed like it lasted for along time. At this point I started to unbutton his shirt and feel his chest. He had such a nice body. I touched his chest up and down and ended up on the down side, so I undid his belt and had him lean over so I could get his man hood out. I kissed his chest all the way down and put him in my mouth. Very slowly and softly taking him all in. He was laid back in the chair just enjoying what I was doing. I continued to slowly go up and down and up and down for along time, when he was about to explode I stopped for a bit and waited for him to settle down a bit. Then I started again. Finally I let him release in my mouth. His body relaxed as he sank in the chair. I swallowed every drop of him. He tasted wonderful !

After a few minutes I grabbed his hand and led him to my cozy bed. I pulled the covers back and asked him to join me. We both slide into bed and pulled the covers over our heads. We began kissing and touching each other. Just enjoying the moment. We continued this for along time. I love to kiss and he knew how to do it. I was touching him in that special place and he began to get hard again. I decided that I wanted a ride today so I crawled on top of him and positioned him inside of me. I moved so slow at first to feel every bit of him in me. Up and down I went starting to move faster and fast with each stroke. He was in total ecstasy, I could see it on his face and the way he was touching me. I began to move faster, and faster until he released once more. A small moan came from his mouth and I kept riding until I also couldn’t hold it any longer and I also released. I slumped down on top of him, gently kissing him and just feeling like I went to heaven. The warmth of his body against mine was wonderful, and unlike a lot of guys he also wanted to hold me and kiss me. I reached back and pulled the covers up over us as I stayed on top of him covering our heads. We fell asleep like this.

When we woke up I looked at him and said…….what a great way to be snow bound!


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