Oscar De La Hoya Fight Night Round 4 CAB

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They don’t call him the Golden Boy because he is King Midas. Oscar De La Hoya earned that nickname for beating numerous top opponents and bringing in some major ppv money over the years. One big issue right now for boxing fans is that Oscar De La Hoya isn’t gonna be on the roster of Fight Night Round 4. No worries though because he can always be added as a create a boxer (cab) and incorporated into the game.

The people at EA Sports are claiming that they are working on a possible package which would allow fans to download some of the fighters originally left off of the roster but the bottom line is that they are already gonna have your money when you buy the game. The only way the Fight Night Round 4 creators would care about giving downloadable fighters is if you have to pay for them or something along those lines.

The basic details are the key to making a Oscar De La Hoya Fight Night Round 4 create a boxer (cab). You will want to put in his name and then set the nickname as the Golden Boy. I would recommend setting the reach at 73 inches and his height at 5’10 for realistic effect. But his weight is something that can vary from person to person depending on what weight they want him to be on the game. In real life he has bounced all over in terms of weight class.

The Oscar De La Hoya Fight Night Round 4 create a boxer (cab) stats will vary from person to person but I would recommend the following settings: right and left hand power in the 65-75 range, foot and hand speed in the 80-85 range and then most of the rest in the 85-90 area to keep him as a balanced boxer.


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