No name baby wipes- why use them


PRODUCT: BABY WIPES (SR-702)- no name baby wipe

21st June 2009

Done by: Nalinservices

Here is a very unique baby wipe. It comes in plastic box packing. It’s alcohol free. These baby wipes are silky soft.

The packing is different colour packing. The baby wipes are 80 pieces per box to 100 pieces per box. There are 24 boxes in one carton.

It is a product offered by YIWU SHUNRONG IMPORT AND EXPORT CO. LTD.  This company is a specialised International trading company located in Yiwu, China.

They offer baby items, soap, shampoo, medicine dressings to supermarket chain stores over 15 countries, and are importers and exporters.

This company boast of its ‘quality first, credibility first’, that provides first class products, flexible operating systems. They use scientific management method to customers and perfect services. They are of the best quality.

Did you know that Yuwi is the biggest wholesale market in China? This company is always eagerly waiting to ship these products to you virtually anywhere in the world.

The box comes with a very cute picture of a smiling adorable baby. People have been using this type of baby wipes for over many years and there have been continued support for the baby wipes in the future.

It is obviously much more cheaper than the brand name products like huggies and food lion. You know what! It does the exact same thing and with these threatening economic times every dollar counts. If I had a baby I certainly will use this product on my baby. Basically it’s a wipe. Why else would I spend more money on brand names for a product that does the same thing?

The wipes come in a reseal able box, so that the wipes will always be moist whenever you need to use them. The box that the wipes come in is very durable and easy to store. These wipes are great to use and very inexpensive. You’ve got to try this baby wipe and save yourself money by the end of the year.

Some wipes contain alcohol, but these wipes do not contain any alcohol, you know when you have a cut and you apply alcohol how it feels. This will certainly improve your baby’s healthcare. Imagine your baby who gets a diaper rash and you use those other highly priced brand named baby wipes with alcohol. I wouldn’t want to see my baby in more pain either!

Baby wipes are used for quick and easy clean ups. Have you ever taught of leaving a box in you car trunk for easy clean ups all the time especially when you have little or no water?

While driving the children spills something over, the quickest thing to use is your baby wipes. You certainly can’t get off strange areas to clean up and get water etc. The ever-faithful baby wipes are always there. There are countless reasons why baby wipes should be used. Can you imagine what you would use to wipe your infant’s hands if you’re driving and the baby spilled something all over his body. You certainly can’t give him a shower. Oh faithful wipes are always there whenever you need them.

I have wipes in my desk at work and use them regularly, but do I buy the brand name ones, no way I always buy the cheapest, and I save a lot of money. After all aren’t all the wipes doing the same thing?

These wipes can be used as facial wipes, a lot of people are using baby wipes as facial wipes simply because it’s cheaper and does basically the same thing.

No residue is left after use. These wipes leave your face as clean as you’ve just used cleanser. They can be used to wipe down my make up area and brushes. Is there anyone else who uses their baby wipes to do other things?

Some may even use the baby wipes as hand wipes and floor wipes, countertop wipes. The amount of areas that baby wipes can be used is unlimited and can be used just about anywhere.

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