Bodybuilding Tips!

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Bodybuilding requires a lot of dedication to hard work. A lot of training and discipline is required if your looking to achieve a well built body. It is not something you can achieve over night – you need tremendous will power.

As a beginner, it may and probably will be hard at first. But the more often you lift, the more natural it will become. One of the key things of bodybuilding is to never give up. Its all about perseverance, patience and consistancy. You need to be prepared for a new lifestyle which will revolve around rigorous training, diet plans and sleep.

Here is a few bodybuilding tips:

– Plan before you start lifting – set your goals, this will help you move ahead. You need a concrete plan.

– Warm Up – you must always warm up before training, expecialy before lifting weights. Start off with a pulse raiser and then move onto some light stretches. Warm your muscles up before lifting.

– Begin with small weights – it’s important that you start off with suitable weights. As you gain strength, you can then add on weights greadually to ‘build up’

– Focus – for example, when your in the gym, only focus on what your doing, do not be distracted because it would effect your technique, or more seriously lead to injury. Focus on your body to – all of it, not just your arms and chest.

– Diet & Nutrition – avoid any ‘junk foods’ (for example, pies, cakes, busicuits, crisps, chocolate, etc). Also, stay away from alcohol and cigerettes. You need a diet rich in protein, carbohydrates and amino acids. It is important for building and repairing muscle. ‘Protein is KING’.


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