Michael Jackson

               Michael Jackson The King of Pop” has died at the very young age of 50. When the paramedics arrived at Michael Jackson’s 13 bathroom mansion Michael Jackson was already unconscious. The paramedics tried to revive Michael, but unfortunately the king of pop already slipped into a coma. It was announced late this afternoon that Michael Jackson passed away from a cardiac arrest. Michael Jackson has been very ill for the past few years. Michael has suffered from many serious illnesses so to say. It has been said that Michael Jackson suffered from an Alpha 1antittrypsin deficiency, which is a serious genetic illness, gastrointestinal bleeding, emphysema, skin cancer, needed a lung transplant, flesh eating disorder, and has been pronounced dead a dozen times by many writers online.

             Michael Jackson was actually planning on a huge come back show, which sold out in minutes. The first show was to take place on July 8, 2009, but due to certain circumstances Michael bumped the show up to July 13, 2009. The rest of the concert shows were switched to March 2010. Now hopefully everyone who bought tickets for this upcoming event will get their money back. Michael Jackson leaves behind 3 beautiful children named Paris, Prince, and Blanket. I have already read that someone from the band Barenaked Ladies has already wrote a short and sweet tribute about Michael Jackson on the hit social network twitter. It said something along the line about how Michael Jackson saved a 12 year old boy back in the early 80’s. With that said Michael Jackson was a hero to many. He gave the world confidence, money, and lots of help and love, which will always be in memory. For more on Michael.


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