Fat Loss Tips!

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Most diets are concerned about loosing weight – this is not the key because you will be burning off lean muscle too. Muscle is vital – It is the bodys major fat burning componant. The key is to burn off excess fat whilst improving/maintaining your lean muscle.

You must watch your calorie and carbohydrate intake. Avoid junk – Do Not eat ’empty calories’ which is basically junk food and snacks (pies, cakes, busicuits, crisps, chocolate, etc). Now lets be honest, all those sorts of food has no nutritional value to your body and will only promote excess fat. If your a keen junk food eater, after a few weeks of avoiding such foods, your eating habbits will simply change. Make a commitment today. Renew your body composition.

Here are a few fat loss tips:

– Record everything you eat, simply with a notepad and pen.

– Drink 1-2 liters of water during the day.

– Don’t give up. Permanent results will take time.

– Consume adequate fibre each day.

– Assure consistent intake of protein

– Train more in the mornings – this raises metabolic rate which means more faster fat burning. Also in the mornings, you havnt eaten much, so therefore fat burning will be concentrated on exess fat because there is nothing in the stomach to burn for energy.                


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