How to Save Money on Personal Care Products

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With the cost of living going up ever day, it’s becoming a juggling act in trying to make ends meet. As we all know the cost of products are not going down and we all need to find ways to save money on personal care products. Below are some tips on how you can save money on some of these products.

Step 1:

Cosmetics- If you use cosmetics you must check out this website that can save you big time. The website is and they are a high quality low cost supplier of cosmetics.

Step 2:

Personal Hygiene- You can s ave money on deodorant, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes by using rebates, coupons, and sales. Many drugstores offer rebate programs that are simplified by on going on line and fill out the request form.


Hair care- Excessive shampooing and conditioning can leave hair full of residue and strips the hair of its natural oils. Find recipes for natural hair conditioners, lotions and treatments at Hair Styles for Dummies. The website is: . Learn how to have beautiful hair every day without spending a lot of money for hair care products.


Skin care- Apply lemon juice to the skin once or twice a day will reduce the appearance of dark patches on the skin from hormonal imbalances, sun damage or acne scars. Lemon juice is a very safe and effective alternative and can be used indefinitely. Give yourself 30 days before you start seeing results.


Combine Savings Tips- Increase your savings by combining rebates, sales, and coupons to purchase products. Purchasing products with rebates, while they are on sale, will earn you greater savings. Using a coupon when you make a rebate purchase will increase savings even more.


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