Working From Home-Summer with Six Kids

Working from home under normal circumstances takes a dedicated and motivated individual. I recently found myself in a more challenging situation than I thought I would. I am the mother of six wonderful children. I am also a stay at home mom that works online from home. I write, perform research, and now also work as an affiliate marketer trying to make ends meat.

School let out on June 5th. I really had not thought about how school being out until August 24th would affect my income. I already was used to having my three smallest children home during the week so I figured how much more difficult would it be to work from home with six children home than it is with three?

Let me tell you, the extra three children calling ‘mom, I need this!’ or ‘mom, she/he did that’ takes a lot of time out of the time I can write or work.

I decided that I needed a game plan.

Then to add to the situation, on the 12th of June, we lost most of our television when the signal switched to digital. Ok, so what am I supposed to do to occupy six children without television? It took me a week to figure out that the library would be a good solution.

I am fortunate. I have instilled in my children the love of reading. We go to the library and get books and movies a few times a week. The local library has story time for the little ones and a summer reading club for the older ones. The three that are old enough to read are always involved with trying to beat each other in the reading program. While the little ones are benefitting from being read to.

There is another way I have found to entertain the kids while I work that I thought I would share. I found taking my laptop and taking the kids to Mc. Donalds is a nice break for the kids while still allowing me to bid on freelance jobs or to actually complete them.

I know how hard it is to find ways to entertain the kids so I can work so I thought I would share my methods that work with others.

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