How to Grow Herbs Indoors

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If you use herbs in your cooking you can run up a bill just by purchasing herbs alone.

Herbs add flavor to your meals and also are healthy for you. In the summer months you can plant herbs in your garden; however when it starts getting cold outside all your herbs die. By following my simple steps below you can have herbs all year round.

Material and Tools

Window or large plant boxes

Potting Soil

Organic Fertilizer

Assortment of herbs

Hand Shovel

Grow lighting


Fill window or plant boxes with potting soil leaving about 1” space from the top. Mix in a small amount of organic fertilizer.


This is optional but I like to section off areas so I know what herbs are growing where. Place small labels on the front of the box so you know what herbs have been picked.


Plant your herbs into the potting soil so that their roots are completely buried into the soil. Some good herbs to plant are: mint, thyme, chives, oregano, rosemary, bay leaf.

Basil needs long days of light and lots of heat to grow.

Step4 :

Harvest herbs by cutting above the two newest leaflets.


Add a little organic fertilizer to the water every three to four weeks. You may have to do this more frequently for hot weather.


In the summer months set the plant boxes outside where they will receive plenty of sun light. In the winter months make room indoors to set them on a table and arrange to have a grow light on the plants.


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