Michael Jackson Suffers Cardiac Arrest

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Sometime in the early afternoon on Thursday, June 25, Michael Jackson was rushed by ambulance to a Los Angeles area hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest. He is “in really bad shape” and family members were reportedly on their way to the UCLA hospital to be with him.

The former King of Pop, age 50, suffered a cardiac arrest and had to be administered CPR in the ambulance. Paramedics responded to a 911 call that came in at 12:26 PM PDT. According to reports, he was not breathing at the time the paramedics arrived.

It seems bizarre that despite all the evidence to the contrary, Michael Jackson’s office is denying the reports and maintaining that Michael Jackson will report to the Staples Arena for rehearsal later this afternoon. He is preparing for a series of concerts in London. The area around the hospital had been roped off in an attempt to keep the media away.

Michael Jackson who enjoyed incredible success early in his career has lived a life mired in controversy. Despite a drastic change in appearance, he denies having altered his physical appearance through surgery or any other cosmetic procedures. The singer has experienced health problems since the 1990s and was tried for sexual abuse of a minor in 2005.

The singer at one time alleged that he had been subjected to abuse at the hands of his father as a child. These reports have never been proven one way or the other, but Michael exhibited a drastic change of behavior and appearance in the 80s and 90s and has been one of the entertainment industry’s most controversial figures. Also one of the most tragic. Here was a man blessed with incredible talent who also seemed haunted by something that he was unable to articulate. Now the world can only watch and wait and hope that the singer will survive.


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