8 Reasons to Watch One Tree Hill Season 7

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1.  There’s romance in the air. 

The season six finale of One Tree Hill laid out the perfect setting for a great romance between Brooke and Julian.  Of course, there’s bound to be some drama.  He’s working in California on a movie set and she has a clothing business in New York/Tree Hill.  How will they meet in the middle?

2.  NBA, here we come.

We get the chance to see, what I would imagine to be, some great basketball footage as we watch Nathan make a name for himself in the NBA.  Also, could there be a possibility of a few NBA guest star appearances?  Plus, you know your heart jumps for joy knowing that Nathan is living his life long dream.

3.  Evil Mother Turns Good?

Brooke and her mother may have made amends, but will it last?  Sure it was a sweet, tender moment between the two, but are we going to see more mother-daughter affection?  Or will Victoria go back to New York and be unheard of?  I would personally opt for a closer relationship between the two, I think Brooke needs that to ensure her sanity.

4.  Some Good Tunes

One Tree Hill has always had some wonderful, soul-stirring music.  Why would season seven be any different?

5.  Another Kate Voegele Album?

Should we be so lucky to hear another album from Mia (Kate Voegele)?  Or does her legacy die with Peyton’s farewell?  Perhaps Mia and Hayley will team up and take the record company into their own hands.  Maybe we will even hear a record from Hayley.

6.  Danny’s Fate

We all need some closure when it comes to Danny and I think the characters do as well.  I think if the characters can come to terms with forgiveness they would be better off than containing all their bitterness towards him.  Also, does he ever get a heart transplant and if he doesn’t, how long will he live?

7.  Mouth and Millie

Mouth and Millie are good for the show even though they are far from my favorite couple.  They both try to do everything in life by the book, they are perfectionists.  Yet, they’re not always perfect; they do in fact screw up.  It just goes to show that no matter how hard you do try, you may still fall short.  It’s a life lesson in being human.

8.  Welcome Quinn, Clayton and Alex!

Three new characters are to appear on One Tree Hill and I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring drama along.  We’re just praying for no Nanny Carrie copycats. 


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