Bachelorette 5 finale spoilers: Jillian will have 2 wedding proposals

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               The Bachelorette 5 with Jillian Harris is really heating up. Last week on the Bachelorette Jillian kept loser Wes and sent handsome and genuine Jake the pilot home. Come on Jillian can’t you see the light? Or read in between the lines what dirt bag Wes is really about? Honestly though I think Jillian really does know and is playing along with the Wes story to make us viewers fall for it just like last season when Jason picked Melissa then dumped her for Molly. This was all staged and I called the shots right. I knew way before what was going to happen.

             On the Bachelorette season 5 so far my predictions have been pretty good. I am thinking that this Bachelorette 5 is going to top the Bachelor with Jason Mesnick by having 2 proposals. I see Jillian getting proposed by Kiptyn. Then all of a sudden Ed will come back and also propose to Jillian at the final. What is Jillian going to do? If this doesn’t happen then there will still be 2 proposals, but the two people will be Ed, and Jake the pilot who really care for Jillian.

           This weeks Bachelorette 5 episode 7 on June 29, 2009 will be quite a show. In the upcoming episodes it shows Jake on the phone. Jake will tell all to Jillian and the others about sneaky Wes. He will tell them how Wes is only on the show for fame, and to sell his records. Hopefully Jillian will ditch him this week and see how genuine Jake really is knowing he came back to the show to tell her this. Does Wes really think he can sing and win Jillian’s heart with those crappy songs he calls music?


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