How to get a baby to sleep

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Babies are just like adults they need to have there belly full when they go to bed or they will wake up in the middle of the night over and over again crying. Many people do not believe in giving there baby cereal until they are 4 or 5 months old but my mom and family have always feed the kids since they were newborns and we all done alright. If you have a cranky baby that won’t sleep try this method it works wonders.
Things You’ll Need:

  • Baby cereal
  • bottle feeder
  • Johnson’s night magic baby bath


Give your baby a bath in Johnson’s night magic baby bath. This will relax your baby.


No matter what the doctors say everyone I know has done this. Give your baby about 2 oz. of cereal in a bottle feeder. This will ensure that your baby is full.


Make sure to give your baby the formula as well as the cereal and rock your baby to sleep. They will sleep all night long. BE SURE TO BURP.

This works on babies that are a day old or 10 months.

My mom feed all of us kid’s mashed potatoes on the first day we were born through a bottle and we were all just fine. My sis does this as well as all my friends and there babies sleep all day long.

Be sure to burp the baby.

Be sure to use a bottle that is specially made for baby cereal.


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