Dealing with a death in the family

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I know first hand how it is to lose a parent. I’ve lost both of my parents at different times in my life. My father died when I was younger making it a bit easier to deal with the loss. I had my father for 7-8 yrs., although he was not present for some of my upbringing he was a good guy. I have fond memories of him. You should always cherish the good times because that is how you should remember that person. Your loved one has passed, but they will go on to be with God granted that was a good person, on the other hand you probably wouldn’t be so distraught if this was a person you didn’t like. It may be a parent or person you wanted to reach out to and you never had the oppurtunity for the two of you to be close. The chapter is done and you must move on or you may become mentally or physically ill. My mother died at a different stage in my life. I had two children which she loved and adored. My son I believe was the reason she made it through her sickness. I didn’t realize that she would become sick again because she became her old self again. I saw her exactly one day before she died. I do believe that she knew she was dying but was  afraid I would stress out over her sickness and become ill myself. She wanted me to go on and I did. I saw the way she looked at me before I left and it frightens me to know that she probably knew. I believe my purpose is to help others and inspire them. You’re loved one may be happy to see you start a foundation in their name or create a program pertaining to the death of your loved one. Don’t let them die in vain, they want you to live and grow. Reaching a higher  goal in life. You may feel as though you can’t go on and that’s when you may need to consult with a therapist or talk to someone about what you are feeling.


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