Decide If Online College is the Right Education For You

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Decide how much time you can devote to college. Are you willing to devote your evenings to sitting in a college classroom or would you rather be home after working all day? Do you think you could discipline yourself enough to get school work done on time if you are not meeting in an actual classroom weekly? Make a list of pros and cons for doing your schooling online. Be honest. See if you could truly see yourself completing a degree online before deciding to jump in.

Search the internet for articles on online colleges. See what others have to say about online schooling. Research online colleges by looking over various websites and requesting information on schools that interest you. Consider what it is you want to do with your degree. Search for colleges based on that degree and see what online schools can offer you in ways of accreditation and hands on experience. There are online degrees for just about every profession out there so be sure to research carefully before choosing.

Ask others who have attended online colleges. Did they get the education they were hoping to receive? What were some of the downfalls to attending school online? What were some of the positives? How did their online degrees pan out in the real world and gaining employment? Be sure to ask all the questions you need to make an informed decision. It may help to speak to a few advisors at various online schools you may be interested in. Many online college faculty actually received their degrees online.

Last, but not least, try a few online courses to get your feet wet. You don’t have to jump right in, but sometimes the best way to find out what you want to do is just to try it out. Many online colleges offer summer courses or part time classes. Feel free to ask the school of your choose if they allow you to try out a course or two to see if you’d like online schooling. Many online colleges offer payment plans just as universities do that will allow you to take a course without having to apply for financial aid or student loans.


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