Meeting Joey DeGraw

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I was lucky enough a couple months ago to meet the man of my dreams that is also my favorite musician Joey DeGraw. On May 7th at Birdy’s Bar and Grill I got to meet the man who inspired my first book NOT JUST ANOTHER LOVE. The night before I thought that I wouldn’t sleep since some of my other friends who had already met him said that I would be wired for sound but yet I wasn’t. I got up and started getting my work done. I was told that he was a nice guy but still I had read online that he isn’t the nicest guy in the world. My best friend and I were going and then my sister was going to meet us there. I had planned that I would take a copy of my book so that I could give it to him in person and I was also taking an email so that he could sign it. My fear was that he wouldn’t want my book and that it would end up as trash, yet to this day I don’t know if he has read it or not. We were the first ones to arrive at the location of the concert and waited. A few people had shown up but not what I thought would show up. When the van pulled into the parking lot my heart stopped and I couldn’t breathe. I sat down on the tailgate of her truck so I wouldn’t faint. I thought that I was going to cry because when I first saw Joey I would cry. The sound of his voice and the smile touched my heart in a way that I couldn’t describe. I got pictures of him. He walked up to the door and I stood there on a cloud. My best friend had to help me get up the courage to talk to him. He was surprised when I told him that I had a gift for him. I got a picture of him and me and he is holding my book. It was a picture that I have on my cell phone. I framed the email message and the picture so that I could remember that day forever. I told him how much he meant to me with his music.

That night was a dream come true. When he finally sang I sang every song right along with him. As a writer/poet I feel like I can relate with him because we both write from experience. Most of my poems that I have written over the last year have come from the Voice Driven videos. After meeting him I felt like all the poems that I had written were on point of what he was like and how he would act. I was impressed but heartbroken how he came across to me. I was trying not to act like a crazy fan but I think that was how I came across. I wanted to be an equal to him since we are both artist but that’s not how it came to be. Before we left we went over and purchased a couple things to help Joey. Then got a couple more pictures with him which I think he really wasn’t interested in. I finally told him all the things that I had wanted to tell him over the year since I saw him. I explained to him that I still loved Gavin but with him that my heart felt it was in the clouds. I was glad that he was nice enough to thank me for being a fan and for trying to get his name out to people. I hated leaving that night knowing that he wasn’t gone from the location yet but I knew we had to leave. It’s only been a couple months but I still wonder if he actually still has my book and has gotten the time to read it. I was hoping that maybe Gavin would get the chance to see what I wrote for him as well. In some ways I feel like he let me down but then again I think that it was my fault how I came across. I look at this picture as inspiration to keep writing.

The whole night I thought about when I wrote the “Walk Home” and how writing it changed my life. I keep hoping that he will pick up the fans that his brother has. If you have ever heard the songs Sunny and Another Mistake then you can understand why I love his music. Those songs find a chord in my heart that not even his brother could find. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy listening to Gavin but Joey’s new cd can’t get out soon enough. I have been ready for his cd to come out for more than a year. I will admit since meeting him I haven’t been writing like I was. I wrote a letter to him that I might publish as a poem because I pour out my heart and say all the things that I thought about meeting him. I feel like that thank you isn’t enough for what he has given me. I wouldn’t have a published book without Gavin and him. He is still my most used muse for writing. I keep waiting for a new Voice Driven video to see what Brian Webber taped at the concert. When we finally got back from the concert and I could sit down and reflect on the concert I didn’t have my pen and paper with me. I had so much that I wanted to write but my head was still replaying the evening. Even now I think about that night. I try to replay it several times a day. I am doing all I can to hold onto the memory of that night. I know that even with what happened that night I will always be a lifelong fan of Joey DeGraw. But I wanted to share my experience of the greatest night of my life.


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