How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog or Articles

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Be sure your blog or articles use keywords that are searched often. Search Google or Yahoo to see what types of things interest people most. What is being searched on the internet and what words are being used in those websites to pull traffic into the site? For example, say the biggest concept being searched right now is ‘applying for unemployment’. Try writing an article about this, either how to do it, or placing something on your blog about our struggling economy. Be sure to use the word, ‘unemployment’ often in your article. This will place it high in the search engines for people to see quickly.

Submit your blog or article to various search engines for people to find easily. Google has a great place to ‘submit your URL’. Just go to to add your site or article to Google’s search engine. You can also add any article or blog to a search engine by searching the words ‘submit your URL’ under all the search engines. Most places have a spot to add your URL. This increases traffic quickly and will get your blog or article listed on the search engines top pages. Just be sure your blog or article is well written with little errors because the search engines such as Yahoo and Google will not always accept all submissions.

You can also submit your blog or article to the URL Web Directory which includes some of the top searched content on the web. Just go to to submit your site for increased traffic. You can also search their site to find out the top searched articles, blogs, and other content so that you can get a better idea of what is hot right now. This may help you to add the appropriate content to your site for driving more traffic to your information.

Add your blog or articles to sites such as,,, and other social networking sites. The more social networking sites you submit to, the better. Get your friends involved too by utilizing Facebook and Myspace. Sometimes known connections are best for getting your content out there and noticed. Friends can pass your blog or articles onto others and before you know it, you have a whole social community viewing your information and telling more and more people. Hint: the more friends you make and help out, the more people will be viewing your content. This will greatly increase traffic to your blog or articles.

Add your site or articles as a signature to almost everything you do on the internet. Make your statement and get noticed by signing everything with your site’s address. Put your information in all places you can think of. When you send emails, sign with your blog address or article writing site such as your eHow profile or Bukisa profile. Sign with these on Facebook or Myspace and even add them to any business you do online such as purchasing orders (if possible). Anytime you can get the word out about your blog or articles, do it. Think constantly about increasing traffic and see how creative you can be with your internet signature.


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