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Everyday, people search for online jobs in Google, so they can make more and more money and improve their lifestyle, but most of them fall to scams and lose their hard earned money instead of earning. 90% of such job seekers fall to this scam, and they give up. But some who are very ambitious and are not ready to give up easily still work hard on this and if they are fortunate, they get a genuine online job. But I want to help those people who seek online job, so that they can work and make extra income.

 This job is of an agent or middleman, who helps seller and buyer to sell or buy product, they need not have to sell hard products, but only have to  place ad for the companies, who in return pays you commission, if any one clicks on your ad and sale takes places. There is no direct  link between you and seller and buyer, everything is online, so no need to meet or deal with personally.

 You need not have to pay a single dime to place ad or join any of these companies. It is free and many of them have tried their luck in this and succeeded. Full training will be provided to you, as to how to place ad and which all sites you have to place this ad. You will be also taught how to write articles and make money. This is also a very easy job, where you have to spend less than 3 hours writing articles and submitting in the given sites. This is a very genuine online job, designed basically to help beginners. Make extra money and improve your lifestyle.


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