How to Find Grant and Scholarship Money to Attend College

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Talk to your university’s financial aid office. Many colleges can either offer grants of their own, or guide you toward the direction of places that can. A financial aid advisor is a good person to get to acquainted with since many know the ins and outs of paying for college tuition and where to seek financial help. A lot of times, they are willing to help you fill out grant and scholarship forms right in their office.

Search online for college grants at places like,, and These places actually search for grants and scholarships based on your financial, educational, and academic needs. For most online grant searches, you are asked to provide a little personal information including your name, address, desired degree, year of college, and background history. These grant sites such among thousands of different grant and scholarship facilities to find you the best matches. See the resource list below for links.

Check out your local library for grants and scholarships. Many public libraries, and college libraries, carry books on obtaining grants and college scholarships. Ask the librarian for assistance and she can help you find the books you are looking for. Many of these publications on college grants and scholarships offer facility addresses and phone numbers for more information. Check through the public library periodicals as well. Many magazines and newspapers have information on college financial assistance.

Depending on what your intended field is, you may qualify for a grant or scholarship from local businesses where you live.  For example, a student going into nursing should look into her local and surrounding state hospitals for grants that are often given either once a year or every semester.  Some local newspapers will offer scholarships to students who are going into journalism and area factories may offer scholarships to students going into marketing or advertising.  Check and see what may be available in your hometown.


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