Is GDI a Scam?

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GDI is not a scam! It is probably one of the best online businesses out there because of it’s lost cost and high return with sign ups. I have been doing GDI for about 3 months now and at first I thought to myself.

“How is this $#!% going to work!”

I thought it would take at least a year to get as many sign ups as I have so far (353), but everybody seems to be jumping in like it’s Myspace or something.

I actually only have gotten 7 sign ups, but my downline is still growing larger anyway and my downline is doing very well. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

GDI gives you basically 4 things to sale all at once:

  1. You can sale the domain name idea.
  2. You can also sell the web hosting Idea.
  3. You can also sell the Website Idea.
  4. Or you can sell the Idea about making money from it all.

Doesn’t matter which way you put it out there, they are going to get all of those things anyway for $10! You get a domain name, free hosting and a free website all for $10!

Now I do have a domain name from GoDaddy and they are good, but GoDaddy is going to pay me for having that domain name or their hosting or for using their website builder. So the next time you need a website, hosting or a domain name. Think about that, then come back here and sign up…lol!

Here’s how the magic works:

  • You get 5 people (or how many you want)
  • Then those 5 get 5= $25 (or how many they want to get)
  • Then those 25 get 5= $125 (a month)
  • Then those 125 get 5= $625 (a month)
  • Then those 625 get 5= $3125 (a month)

See how that works and you get paid 5 levels down. Now I got 7 people and it went a little differently. kind of like this:

  • I got 7
  • And my 7 got 353 people= $353 a month

I am not even on my second level yet! Now that’s crazy! I still only pay $10 to get my $353 check. i am telling you, i am not the leaving my job yet. But I am pushing for more people that want to do this so that I can quit my job. I will be at $4000 a month in 4 more months. You can too!

I will give you tips and strategies that will put you on top of Google’s first page (it’s easy I just learned all this stuff and it works), how to drive more traffic to your website than ever and I will send you everything for free to use towards your GDI account.

Sign up today!      =====> CLICK HERE <=====

Then I will email you everything I have for traffic to your website, weather you use it to make money thru GDI or you just using it to get another business off the ground online. I will still send it to you FREE!


Thank You,

Eddie Key Jr.

P.S. You also get a bonus, for every 5 people that you sign up in a week. You get paid $100! (so if you get 10, 25, 50 sign ups in a week you get $200, $500, $1000) Now get your money!


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