My Labor Experience

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It was on a rainy morning on October 16, 2003. It was around 7 and I called the hospital to let them know that I was on my way. Upon arrival, they shifted me from the car to a wheelchair and I sat there biting my tongue so I wouldn’t scream. I had started to get contractions at about 6 AM and it was difficult to communicate. They gave me a waiting room and I laid there for 4 hours crying and breathing the way my nurse had taught me to. Crying, because everyone had left me. I felt I needed someone with me at all times but as I lay there alone, I felt like I had to do this miraculous thing on my own. After 4 hours two nurses came in to see if I was dilated; I had dilated 6 inches. They then transferred me to another room where the room absorbed lights from the many windows. It comforted me in a way I never thought possible.

I pushed and pushed. Even cursed at the man that gave me this child. Maybe I picked this habit up in the movies because a monster side came out of me. I was screaming and begging the child to come out because you see, I planned on doing this all natural. I had not given up just yet because I had not asked for pain medicaiton. It was no use anyways. I felt a burn and my Daughter’s Aunt pointed and rejoiced. My Daughter’s head!

I heard a cry and it was my Daughter taking in her first breath of air. I held her for a bit but they took her from me. The feel of the room has changed and I sensed it. I saw nurses running (or walking quite fast) from places to places and I felt like something had happened to my Daughter. I gathered what energy (which was none) I had left to push myself up and upon seeing this, a nurse had me lie back down. I began to worry, exactly what was going on? All of a sudden I felt tired. A nurse an Anesthetist came to me and said that they had drugged me to help me rest. I was miserably confused!

They then told me that I was bleeding profusely and had to be transferred to the Operating Room. I didn’t care, I asked if my Daughter was okay! He said she was a healthy baby, smiled, and walked away. Everything else is a blur.

I later woke up to see that my good friend Michael and his two friends Weezy and Micki came. They were holding my Daughter and smiling. I dozed off once more. When I finally was able to stay up, my friend told me that I had almost died. I took it as a joke and brushed it off. I wanted to hold Trina.

I later found out that it was true, I had lost so much blood that I was very close to death. When giving birth, I wasn’t fully dilated and all that pushing lead to my cervix ripping. The doctors couldn’t figure out why I was bleeding and the Surgeon planned on taking my whole ovary out, but he found out what it was at the very last moment. He saved me. If it wasn’t for him, I would not be able to have another child.

In all, my experience is one of a lucky one. It’s something that no Mother could ever forget; the day they brought life in this world.


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