They’ve 25 key features for personal branding !

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1- They give every information about themself  as clearly. But these specials are not in the forms and behind the fences. Their images look like compatible, clearly, open and ready  for communication. You can see also their cv.

2- They have passions for all life. These passions for personal life, business life, social life, family life etc. Especially they’ve goals for social assistance and solidarity. They are opening new scopes for environment with their attitudes.

3- Their ambitions are a lot and very highly. But they are controling and extending over a period of time. They are planing and examinating goals, always.

4- They’ve goals. They are working, developing every day. Its’not temporary mode, it’s not fad. Big goals but they are walking small steps and small talks. They’ve very huge potantial but they don’t hurry for action starting. They don’t jump at everything.

5- They don’t use only for financial transacitons these words; “costs, returning, profitability”. They calculate for their minds, things, behaviors. I mean, we can say “savings account”.

6- They are standing at the zero point on the life process. They don’t being at very negative or very positive points. It’s necessary for our conscious behaviour. Especially it’s important for starting new communication and networking.

7- They compare current status with future. But they don’t forget past life history. They draw a lesson from past.

8- They are planing for future, leading for life trends. They are destroying bad perceptions and building new brains. They are changing and developing old classic models as using innovations and creativitiy.

9- Especially, first of all, they are managing their mind-think networking. Because they know people that are losting in idea journeys. They take notes, write minds, get archive history and use reminder tools every time.

10- They are on the stage, as it should be, not always. They know, be personal branding is not only celebrity or popular person.

11- They are trying, using body language. But, it’s not affectedly, constraintly. These behavior forms are being reflex for their.

12- They spread “be trustly” and “be happily” to environment. You can say “positive energy”. Their attitudes are transfering to us, as like “new language messages forms” . As like mother, teacher, friendly etc.

13- They prefer more easily, more simple, more shortly, most efficient ways and solves. They hate “amuse” and “be amused”

14- They know cause and effect relations in the all of the cosmos. They analyse life process and focussing results. So, they are leading  for people and business life and trends.

15- They are listining, taking advices and asking. They don’t avoid in this situations. They are unsophisticated people. They don’t show resistance for new steps, don’t afraid new process.

16- They think with analytic forms. They don’t confuse life topics. Separate, separate, separate and merge records. So they find easily solving for their problems.

17- They use some human powers except the five senses, always. Mind, logic, instinct, feeling, inspiration etc.  I think, they are developing these specials.

18- They think with hope and good intentions for every case. They don’t negative overreaction, instantly.

19- They don’t put on airs ! Already, other people tell to us them.

20- They think social-personal benefits, solidarity, equity for every time, every work.

21- They don’t dominate and dominant mode. They prefer natural process.

22- Their false are experiment for them. They know, “all people have defect” and they are helping to environment.

23- May be, they look like comfortable, rich, powerfully but actually they effort for keeping status, applying principles. I mean they are suffering. So they don’t want to spread to negative energies.

24- They don’t think “ what would they say”. They are not complex. They are listening other people but as like “feed back”

25- They show to us, insistently, always “same attitude” . Then years and years, they are writing “brand names” on the personal history papers.

Please, select three items that are don’t do. Try to developing and changing. When you change you will see others changing. In family, in business, in your all life.

I wish you succes.


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