10 Candy Bars I Wish Were Sold in the United States

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To be fair, some of these candies can be found in the United States, but only in specialty shops or if they’ve been specialty ordered. But still!

  1. Aero

    The Aero is a segmented chocolate bar that’s filled with a kind of soft candy, sort of like nougat but fluffy with lots of little bubbles. I love this stuff. There are different flavors of the Aero, my favorite being the mint one. You can get it in much of Europe. I’ve had it in Canada and seen it at a very few few places in the U.S.


  2. Caramac

    I first had this caramel candy bar way back in the 1970s in Canada, but I’ve never been able to find it anywhere since. Apparently it’s still for sale in England, so I might just have to make a special trip over the Atlantic for one of these bars. The Caramac was just a simple candy bar, like a Hershey’s bar or something similar, except it was made all of caramel instead of chocolate.


  3. Drifter

    This is a really hard-to-find candy bar. I’ve never found it in North America anywhere, though I’ve seen it in Ireland. It’s center is kind of crispy with caramel mixed in with the crisp. Then covered in chocolate, of course. Really one of my favorites. Wish I knew where to get some.


  4. Happy Hippo

    Rumor is the Happy Hippo candy can be found in some parts of the U.S., but I’ve never seen it. It’s hard to describe the Happy Hippo, because it’s almost more like a cup cake or cookie or something than it is like a candy bar. The Happy Hippo is a cookie with the bottom covered with a kind of icing with crunchy chocolate pieces and some kind of crunchy, nutty things. The top part of the cookie part has some little icing pieces that give the candy eyes, making it look like a hippo. The inside of this candy is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla, sort of like nougat.


  5. Kit Kat Orange

    The orange Kit Kat can occasionally be found in the United States; it seems like I run across it about once a year or so, usually during Spring. But that’s not good enough for me. They sell the Kit Kat Orange all the time in Britain, and I want it all the time in the U.S. Call me fussy.


  6. Milkybar

    The Milky bar is basically a white chocolate candy bar. And I can never get enough white chocolate. I’ve had this in the U.K., but never seen it in the U.S. Nestle, oh please won’t you bring the Milkybar to the States?


  7. Peppermint Crisp

    This one isn’t for everyone, I’ll admit. It took me some getting used to, but once I did, I began to enjoy it. The Peppermint Crisp is chocolate wrapped around a center that’s … well, it’s hard to describe. The center of this candy bar is a blue, minty candy that’s kind of crunchy. Hard to find everywhere I’ve ever been, though I’ve run across it in a few places in Europe.

    crisp-main_1.jpg crisp_2.jpg

  8. Rolo

    Yes, they make Rolo in America, but it’s not the same Rolo as they make and sell on the rest of the planet. Didn’t know that, did you? It’s true. Rolo in America are made by Hershey. Rolo in the rest of the world are made by Nestle. Generally speaking, I usually prefer Hershey chocolates over Nestle, but not in this case. It’s still the same basic Rolo no matter where you get it, but the ones outside the U.S. seem to have a little extra something that lights my taste buds up.


  9. Star Bar

    The Star Bar I’ve been lucky enough to find in a few places in the U.S., but one thing that’s disconcerting is that the company keeps changing the dang candy bar’s name all the time. This candy bar has been called Boost, Nudge, Moro and who knows what else. But the company always seems to come back to the name Star Bar. Anyway, this bar is a lot like the Snicker’s bar, with nuts and caramel and chocolate, though I’ve always thought the Star Bar was a little sweeter.


  10. Yorkie

    This chunky chocolate bar comes in all kinds of flavors, though I’ve only ever had the original in thick chocolate. Sometimes, nothing’s quite as nice as just a thick chunk of chocolate. I first had this one in the U.K., but I’ve had good luck of late finding it in America.



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