how to overcome the USB flash disk which is not detected

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The problem is quite often found in the use of USB flash disk is not terdeteksinya device by Windows. are not marked by the emergence of the icon “removable hardware” in the system tray. The sign is the absence of a USB flash disk drive in Windows Explorer.

This problem is quite often found on computers that use system resources (especially RAM) is high enough to detect the existence of a new device to be disturbed.

The following steps to set the detection USB Disk manually in Windows XP

  1. Open the Add Hardware menu by clicking [Start]> [Control Panel]> [Add Hardware]. If the menu is not visible, click the [Switch to Classic View] in the menu to the left.
  2. Once the menu is selected, the wizard will appear that leads to the hardware detection process, click [Next]
  3. The system will check the existence of the new hardware that has been stuck, but has not been detected. If the USB flash disk has been successfully identified, it appears one of the following: There is autorun menu, that the statement supports the USB flash disk USB connection that is faster, comes the icon “Removable hardware” in the systen tray dirive new and comes in Windows Explorer or My Computer.
  4. if a case occurs, detection need not be forwarded. Click [Cancel] on the next screen.

Nah, let enggak pace Control Panel each time a USB device that comes in, make a shortcut [Add Hardware] in the Quick Launch Toolbar. Steps such as the following.

1. Open the Control Panel and change the mode to look “classic” (switch to Classic Mode) as step 1 above.
2. Add Hardware icon Drag and drop to the Quick Launch Toolbar. If the toolbar is not displayed, you can activate it with the right-click on the taskbar, click [Propertis]> [Taskbar]. Then, check the [Show Quick Launch].


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