On High Blood Pressure

What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure or hypertension occurs when your blood pushes too hard against your blood vessels. And if this is left unchecked, your heart and arteries may not work as well as they should. This may also affect your other body organs eventually.

Hypertension is a lifelong ailment. It may not be cured. However, it may be controlled through medication and lifestyle changes.

How do you reduce blood pressure through lifestyle changes?

1. Watch your weight.

Losing or maintaining an ideal weight lessens the strain on your heart.

2. Cut down on salt intake.

Sodium or salt can make your bliod vessels and body tissues swell. This is because salt makes the body more prone to fluid retention. Less salt means less swelling, therefore less burden to your heart.

3. Manage stress.

Stress can add extra pressure on the heart and blood vessels. Make it a point to relax even for short periods everyday. Have fun. More importantly, get enough sleep.

See a doctor every 3-6 months to keep track of your progress. Lifestyle changes can be done gradually. Just make sure though, that you stick to the lifestyle change you have chosen to ensure effective prevention of hypertension.

To some people, changing their lifestyle means changing their eating habits drastically. A word to those who associate the less sodium idea intake to eating bland foods: Less sodium doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to eat NO salt at all, it simply means to lessen the salt content of what you eat. Besides, you can just balance the salt out with taking in a lot of water and sweating the salt out of your system.

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