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With the new Transformers movie now in theaters, here is another Transformers innovation that is pretty flashy.

The Voltron Star Shooter is a 90’s action figure that was tinkered with in order to create a “Voltron Camera.

The Voltron camera actually works and shoots 110 film and you have to admit it does add a little edge to the Voltron Star Shooter’s whole motif.


bumblebeetoy-440x245.jpg The newest Bumblebee figure.soundwavetoy-440x258.jpgSoundwave, who looks suspiciously like a sword.

skidstoy-440x245.jpg The Autobot twins – Skids and Mudflap

Now we go to the story.

Clocking in at nearly two and a half hours, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen rumbles into theaters Wednesday as a slam-bang exercise in shock-and-awe cinema.

Director Michael Bay ups the ante on his 2007 hit Transformers by hurling even more massive amounts of swirling, twirling, machine-crunching robot action onto the screen. Industrial Light & Magic’s photorealistic CGI ‘bots interact seamlessly with star Shia La Beouf and other cast members against a backdrop of huge explosions and military firepower.

It’s an impressive display of digital effects, but bigger, faster, louder and longer do not necessarily equal better.

Bay’s famous fondness for blowing up stuff threatens to overwhelm the senses in Round 2 of the ongoing grudge match that pits evil, alien Decepticon robots against a fractious coalition of civilians, soldiers and humanity-loving Autobots.

Still, there’s plenty to admire in this fast, furious and frequently goofy sequel.  Within the first 12 seconds, Bay showcases his gift for masterful wide-screen compositions as he sets up Revenge of the Fallen’s 17,000-year back story. Following a manic blur of ‘bot-chasing mayhem that takes place for no discernible reason on the streets of Shanghai, the story catches up with the comparatively docile doings of reluctant hero Sam Witwicky.

Played by La Beouf with his usual hyper charm, Sam heads off for college, leaving behind his girlfriend Mikaela his best Autobot friend, Bumblebee and his robot-slaying past.

As he did in the first Transformers movie, Optimus Prime gets the last word amid the wreckage, as Revenge of the Fallen’s most soulful character voices the hope that man and machine can co-exist.

So there, just gave you a li’l bit of how the story goes. I still suggest to go to your nearest cinemas NOW!

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