How to make a puppet with a plastic bottle

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Can be a puppet with almost anything:

A bottle of plastic, some socks, an average, shoes with sunglasses or office supplies.

Us we have chosen the given plastic bottle its popularity and constant usage: all drink water every day. Other materials are less practical to collect the refreshing liquid. You can try to drink water from some socks, or from some sunglasses nothing impossible.

Therefore, if you want the topic, read and you will find instructions for the manufacture of the puppet from a plastic bottle. That yes, remember first empty container; it is very advisable to not damage the rest of the materials to use.

With a plastic bottle puppet workshop:


• 2 Liters (if is liter and average passes no only that you will not a somewhat smaller puppet) plastic bottle.

• Acrylic paint

• Cork

• White, tempera black and pink

• Role Pinocchio

• A color card stock

• Figures self-adhesive and of different colors and shapes

• Mouth and foot-shaped design template

• Adhesive color



Paint the bottle with acrylic paint.

• Cut the bottle shaped spring retaining the upper and lower part of the same.

• Paint eyes and nose  with tempera.

• Cut mouth and the foot of the previously designed template.

• Paste eyes, nose and mouth.

Cut paper Pinocchio into strips and paste it into the top of the bottle simulating the hair.

• Paste feet at the bottom of the bottle.

• The puppet is already finished.


• Cut the bottle to half by a horizontal cut without separating the bottle in two halves.

• Placing the bottle upside down, decorate it with adhesive colors and simulating the clothing and mouth.

• Paint eyes and nose with tempera.

• Cut paper Pinocchio into strips and paste it into the mouth of the bottle simulating the hair.

• Paste eyes and nose.

• The puppet is ready.

Implementation time: 5 hours (if you are fast, somewhat less).


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